Our Culture

ROIT BANK is the first Accountech and Fintech in Brazil, and possibly in the world, that develops and makes available to the market technology solutions that did not exist until then. We are sure that we will make an intelligent transformation in companies that wish to evolve and achieve surprising results with Robotization, Artificial and Human Intelligence. Be part of the transformation yourself too!

Feedbacks We give and receive constant feedback from colleagues and leaders. It is necessary to know how to deal with them.
We value new ideas Our CEO, leaders and colleagues are fully open to hearing your ideas and supporting them.
We are not afraid of making mistakes People make mistakes, it's part of the process. If this happens, assume your mistake and try to fix it as soon as possible.
Clear Communication We know that not every day is good and as a ROITER, you will always be open to talking to your leader.

What We Value

  • Hardworking and committed people.
  • Talents that want to develop and evolve.
  • Creative minds.
  • People who adapt quickly to changes.
  • Think “outside the box”
  • People passionate about technology.
  • Knowing how to work in a team.
  • Be guided by results.

ROIT BANK Benefits

Food or meal vouchers
Accepted in more than 500 thousand establishments!
Medical and dental insurance
Comprehensive for employees and family members.
Psychological support
Support for all ROITERs that need assistance.
Benefits Club
Discounted in more than 5000 establishments
English course
Online, available to all ROITERs.
Partnerships with educational institutions
With undergraduate, graduate and more.
ROIT Academy
A training space created by the ROITERs themselves!
Flexible schedule
Work at the best time for you and your team!
Home Office
Even after the pandemic and with the help of expenses!
Mentoring Program
Learn from a ROITER you admire.
Labor Gymnastics every day
To help combat tiredness and poor posture.
ROIT House
Ready to receive ROITERs and their pets.

Sectors and Vacancies

Administrative/Financial Legal Customer Success Marketing Employee Experience (RH) Accounting, Tax and Payroll BPO Full Stack UX/UI I.A. RPA Product Sales

The heart of the company, enabling the entire management and financial flow. It is here that we define the budget and the distribution of resources by area and by objective, we manage cash flow and asset management, using equity in the most optimized way possible. Loyalty, proactivity and dedication!